Naturopathic Medicine

What is Naturopathic Medicine?


Licensed Primary Care Doctor

Did you know that Naturopathic Doctors are licensed as Primary Care doctors? This means you can get your labs, imaging tests (like an X Ray or MRI), and pharmaceutical medications from your Naturopathic Doctor.

Similar to a Medical Doctor, Naturopathic Doctors: 

  • Attended a 4 year Accredited Medical Program. 
  • Are required to pass rigorous Board Examinations for licensing.
  • Maintain professional licensing through annual Continuing Education coursework.
  • Meet National Standards of practice. 

Naturally Different

Naturopathic Doctors differ from a natural practitioner in the quality and extent of their medical coursework. Naturopathic Doctors receive their medical training from a 4 year accredited educational institution, and are licensed by the Naturopathic Medical Committee within the Osteopathic Medical Board of California. 

The Integrative Prescription

Ayurveda: Ayurveda is one of the first forms of documented medical systems in the world, and has truly stood the test of time. By using the quality of your pulse in addition to a thorough Ayurvedic physical examination you will establish your ayurvedic body type, understand the imbalances within that framework, and gain insight into how to reduce symptoms based on the underlying cause in the physiology. 

Nutrition: Proper nutrients being taken in from the diet, efficient break-down of foods, and optimal absorption into the body is the foundation for maximizing health naturally. Take a deep dive into understanding how to improve your diet so that it supports your body. 

Supplements: Do you feel lost in the supplement aisle? In today's world where there is easy access to supplements, avoid the shot gun approach to health. Naturopathic Doctors are on your side, with their in depth knowledge of supplements and botanicals including:

  • Targeted ingredients aimed at treating your specific health condition.
  • Supplement companies that engage in 3rd party quality testing.
  • Therapeutic dosing of key ingredients to ensure effectiveness. 
  • Potential interactions with prescription medications and other supplements. 

Lifestyle Counseling: Have you ever wondered how you can make the most of the small things you do every single day for your health? Learn how to hack your routine so you can optimize what you are already doing in a way that gives your body lasting benefits.

Advanced Lab Evaluation: Get that Aha moment with an in depth analysis aimed at identifying patterns of imbalance Advanced Lab Evaluation offers a different perspective than traditional labs, helping to answer those lingering questions, prioritize which systems of the body to focus on first for treatments, and get a clear picture of your unique physiology. Examples of Advanced Lab Evaluation: Comprehensive Stool Analysis, Organic Acid Testing, Micronutrient Testing, Adrenal Stress Profile, Comprehensive Hormone Testing, Advanced Cardiometabolic Testing, Food Sensitivity Testing and more.

Prescription Medications: Prescribing pharmaceutical medications is part of the naturopathic medical training , and a vital part of the integrative experience you will enjoy with your Naturopathic Doctor. You can rest assured knowing that Naturopathic Doctors will inform you when a pharmaceutical intervention becomes necessary so the required treatments are not delayed