Meet the Doctor

Meet Dr. Miramontes

Dr. Miramontes is the founder and owner of Heal San Diego. She holds her Degree in Naturopathic Medicine from Bastyr University and went on to complete her Residency under the direction of Dr. Sandeep Chaudhary, MD with Wellspring Endocrinology. She is in the final weeks of completing her mentorship training under Dr. Jaqueline Chasse, ND with Perfect Fertility in Natural Fertility Interventions. She has over 200 hours of hands on training in Ayurvedic Medicine in both the US and South India. She consults locally with Conventional Medicine Practices seeking to include Integrative medicine, and regularly makes guest appearances on podcasts to discuss the latest natural solutions backed by science. Additional advanced certifications include: Craniosacral Therapy, PRP Injections of the Face, Scalp, and Joints. She holds her BS in Business Administration from University of San Diego, and is passionate about giving back to her local and global community especially supporting education for women in underserved communities worldwide. 



Dr. Miramontes believes absolutely everyone can move into health no matter what their starting point. The business name "HEAL" was selected as a reminder that the ultimate goal for every single patient is for Health in Every Area of Life. 

"When I see patients regain control over chronic and complex health problems with simple day to day changes...that's what speaks to me as a doctor. That's what makes my heart race. Rather than treating disease, I hope to light the way for you to find your own path to health. Our world needs you to be present in your body, in your life, and especially in your relationships. I want to hand you the wheel so you can steer the ship to living the most vibrant version of that life!" 


From My Family to Yours

I first started using Natural and Ayurvedic Medicine to keep from getting the usual cold every winter. I reached for the spices of Ayurveda and Nutritional supplements once more in my own struggle with infertility. And 7 years later, I continue to apply Natural medicine principles to the health of my own children. Its how I stay healthy and present for my family, its how I show up for my patients, and its how I've been able to get past the many curve balls that life has thrown my way. Every single Natural or Ayurvedic treatment that I recommend to my patients has first been tried out by me personally. I hope my passion, intimate experience, and confidence in this ancient and powerful medicine inspires you to see what an Integrative approach can heal for you.