Frequently Asked Questions

What approach does Dr. Miramontes use?

Dr. Miramontes' approach is based in Ayurvedic Medicine. She combines this with Naturopathic Medicine and Functional Medicine.

Should I have my labs done before my appointment?

Because her assessments are primarily based on the quality of the imbalance in the pulse, lab results are not always necessary to get started on Ayurvedic recommendations.

How long are the visits?

The first visit is a full 60 minutes-yes really! Return visits are 30 minutes. 

What should I expect at the first visit?

The first visit is spent getting to know you, and getting a detailed understanding of when you first started to feel less than your best self. You should expect to talk about what your typical day is like including your diet, routine, self care, general mood, sleep, and stress levels. Dr. Miramontes will examine your tongue, skin, and assess your pulse to determine exactly what the imbalance is in the body. 

My insurance doesn't cover Naturopathic Doctors, will they cover labs ordered by Dr. Miramontes?

Please be sure to check with your insurance ahead of time for any questions related to coverage as this varies based on your plan. While most PPO insurances cover labs, testing, and prescriptions from Dr. Miramontes, not all do. The staff members at Heal SD are happy to provide the necessary information to help make this process easier for you.

How much notice do I have to give to change my appointments?

Please let us know as soon as possible, with a minimum of a 24 hour notice. This will allow space for other wait-listed patients to be able to see Dr. Miramontes.

I've tried every supplement/treatment, can you really do anything to help me? 

Most people are surprised to hear that some of Dr. Miramontes' most successful cases are patients who have already tried several other natural therapies. Ayurveda has a different perspective than functional and natural medicine and can offer other treatment concepts that may not have been explored.